Back in September, Plies was arrested at a Tampa Airport after a gun was found in his carry-on bag as it was being scanned.

According to TMZ, prosecutors are now dropping the felony gun charge against the rapper. A county clerk revealed to the site that the charge was dropped after he completed a concealed weapons course.

They were also able to determine, that he had a valid permit for carrying a concealed weapon.

As we previously reported, a source close to Plies revealed back in September that he grabbed the wrong bag before heading to the airport, and admitted that the gun was his.

Following the incident, Plies took to his Instagram to apologize to anyone he inconvenienced during the situation.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 _____________________________________ #Plies was arrested at Tampa International Airport on Wednesday after a gun was found in his carry-on bag. _____________________________________ According to @tmz_tv, law enforcement sources revealed that he was getting his bag scanned when TSA agents discovered a Glock 43 in one of his bags, as well as a fully loaded magazine lying next to it. _____________________________________ The rapper reportedly had no permit for the gun and was arrested by airport police for carrying a concealed weapon. The source added that he is in custody at the airport and will be transferred to—read more at (📹: @twentyy.sixx)

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