#Roommates, #MattBarnes and #GloriaGovan have really been going through it lately. For years it seems the pair just can’t put their differences aside. If you remember, their stained relationship got so bad that #Gloria recently got arrested and was charged with child endangerment (which is a felony charge). To make matters worse, there’s also a temporary restraining order in place to keep the former couple at least 100 ft from each other.

Since the latest incident, Gloria lost custody of the twin boys she has with former NBA player #MattBarnes. But according to @Blast, Gloria isn’t happy about it to say the least.


In new court documents filed yesterday, Gloria has asked the court to give her custody of her two boys again. In the documents she argues that any “alleged danger to the children” come from her conflict with Matt. Gloria is asking the court to give back primary custody of the boys and put Matt on his previous visitation schedule.


The timing of all of this is less than ideal as Gloria should be planning her wedding to Matt’s former teammate #DerekFisher. That in itself can be stressful but with all of this custody drama, it’s definitely killing her wedding buzz! We’ll keep you up to date on this tea #Roommates!


Source: https://theblast.com/basketball-wives-gloria-govan-matt-barnes-wants-custody/

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