It’s been about a month since Donald Trump was officially impeached by the House and many were wondering what the next steps are in the whole impeachment process. Well, we finally have an answer because the House has just voted to send Trump’s impeachment charges to the Senate.

@ABCNews reports, the House voted early this afternoon to formally send the impeachment charges against Trump to the Senate, which marks the beginnings of his presidential impeachment trial. The House resolution appointed seven managers, named by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who acted as prosecutors presenting the Democrats’ case against Trump. The vote was 228-193 and there were about 140 members of the public watching from the galleries.

Pelosi, ended the proceedings by denouncing Trump’s actions and defending the timing of the impeachment proceedings in the House. “It is a fact that once somebody is impeached, they are always impeached. It cannot be erased. I know you don’t like hearing that,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi didn’t back down, saying that Trump “gave us no choice” on impeachment. She also added that, “They would have liked us to send this over on Christmas Eve so they could dismiss it. Perhaps they don’t know that dismissal is a cover-up.”

Meanwhile, Trump was in the middle of a signing ceremony of an agreement between the United States and China at the White House, and observed some Republicans in the audience and directed them to go vote against the impeachment resolution.

He said:

“It’s on the impeachment hoax. It’s not going to matter ’cause it’s going very well, but I’d rather have you voting than sitting here listening to me introduce you. They have a hoax going on over there, let’s take care of it.”

Reportedly, arguments in the impeachment Senate trial are expected to begin on January 21st. As a reminder, Trump’s removal from office would require 67 senators voting in favor of conviction, constituting a simple majority of the body. That means at least 20 Republicans would need to turn against the president, assuming all Democrats vote to convict.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?