Yesterday #Jacquees was arrested at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport and cited for disorderly conduct. Jacquees claims he was arrested for flicking the police off, but it looks like it was much more than that.

According to @TMZ_TV, Jacquees reportedly got into a verbal argument with an individual at the baggage area. A Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputy observed the argument and stepped in and told them to stop and go their separate ways.

In the arrest report, Jacquees reportedly didn’t initially stop. He got closer to the other person and continued going off on the individual. The officer told him to stop “numerous times” and eventually he did.

Jacquees must’ve really been irritated because after the cop broke the argument up he was still going off, screaming and singing using foul language. The officer warned him to stop or he would be cited for being disorderly.

The officer claims Jacquees told him that he’s “just a white boy with a badge—I don’t have to listen to you (expletive) you.”

The report notes that adults and children were present when Jacquees went off on the officer and showed him his middle finger. He then got into a black truck outside the baggage area and refused to get out the car. The officer threatened to break the window if he refused, but thankfully he complied.

When he was asked to put his hands behind his back during the arrest, Jacquees “began to pull away, screaming foul language,” according to the report.

As he was being detained, police “could smell a strong odor of alcohol” coming from him. They asked him how much he had to drink and he said “one shot.”

In the end he was released, at this point he just better count his blessings and lay off the liquor.