Yesterday news broke that Terrence J was involved in a terrible car accident in Los Angeles, CA, that left his pricey sports car totaled. When authorities arrived to the scene, Terrence and a mystery woman had already fled the scene.

According to TMZ, people initially thought that his girlfriend Jasmine Sanders was the one who was driving the car, but her rep is saying something else.

“On behalf of our client, Jasmine Sanders, we would like to clarify that Ms. Sanders was not in the vehicle at the time of this morning’s accident and was in no way involved.”

Now the real question is, who was the chick riding around with Terrence at 12 AM at night if it wasn’t Jasmine?..Hopefully just a friend or assistant.

A female, who witnesses claim was Jasmine–but time will tell, was reportedly driving Terrence’s $300k Black McLaren, and lost control before hitting a parking meter and a tree around 12:30 am, Tuesday in Studio City, CA. The police are searching the area for any surveillance footage that could help identify who the female driver was.

Terrence could be in some serious trouble since this is technically a hit-and-run.


“A driver involved in an accident that causes death, injury or property damage must leave a note with identifying information.”

We will keep you updated on this story #Roommates!

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