#TSRUpdatez: #Roommates, it looks like the judge in #MeekMill’s case has her mind made up and it’s not in Meek’s favor.

Judge #GeneceBrinkley has decided he will not get a new trial, despite pleading his case last week that he deserves one due to allegations of corruption against the #Philly cop, and sole witness in his 2008 trial, who arrested him. But catch this tea, she made this decision even after the officer failed a polygraph test about pocketing money!

Meek’s attorney told TMZ the judge made it clear during last week’s hearing that she had already decided the matter, but he says they will continue to fight the injustice. Meek was released on bail from his 2 to 4-year sentence back in April, pending the hearing for a new trial.

Meek’s team will appeal Judge Brinkley’s latest ruling as he also continues to speak out against the criminal justice system and advocates for the release of innocent people.

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh