#Roommates, by now you’ve probably seen the viral video of a California teacher fighting a student in what appears to be a music class. The viral video of the altercation has spread pretty quickly, sparking a huge debate about who was really at fault.

While some people are saying the 16-year-old boy involved was extremely disrespectful and used the n-word when speaking to his teacher a few times before the fight began, others say adults have no right to put their hands on children regardless of anything. Either way, #MartsonRiley was arrested for child abuse but the divide between the community is very clear because just hours after his arrest a GoFundMe campaign was created and has reached over $80K!

Apparently, the original goal was $50K under the title “For Mr. Riley/Teachers Deserve Respect.” Riley’s case has reportedly been turned over to Special Victims Unit of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and an investigation has been launched.



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