#Roommates, we’ve been keeping you up on this viral story coming out of New Jersey where a referee by the name of #AlanMaloney forced a young wrestler to cut his dreads off in order to participate in a high school wrestling match.


The video has gone viral and sparked outrage across the country. Well it seems the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association has decided to ban Maloney from officiating in that specific school district, according to @DailyNews.


A Superintendent for the Buena Regional School District #DavidCappuccioJr released a statement saying: “That, although the investigation in the matter is ongoing, the assigned referee will no longer be permitted to officiate any contests that include any Buena Regional School District student-athletes.”


Along with this news, reports are also surfacing that the referee in question has reportedly been cited for racial profiling. One report even suggests he allegedly directed a racial slur to another official who was black back in 2016. He was initially suspended but has the punishment overturned in an appeal.


We’ll keep you up on what’s the latest with this story roommates!

Source: https://www.si.com/high-school/2018/12/23/wrestling-referee-alan-maloney-banned-new-jersey-cut-dreadlocks

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