#Roommates, #Tekashi69’s lawyer is trying to do everything to make sure he gets out of jail. With that said, it seems he’s letting the cat out of the bag and letting the court know #Tekashi69 isn’t the gang member he’s perceived to be. Instead, he’s just an entertainer portraying a gangster image to help sell records.

According to @Blast, 6ix9ine’s lawyer maintains his innocence saying: “Daniel Hernandez is completely innocent of all charges being brought against him.” He also added: Tekashi is an “entertainer who portrays a “gangster image” to promote his music, and that does not make him a member of an enterprise. Mr. Hernandez became victim of this enterprise and later took steps by firing employees and publicly denounced this enterprise through a morning show.”

Tekashi’s currently in general population at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention center facing several racketeering and firearm charges. The whole things comes at an unfortunate time as the holidays are right around the corner and Tekashi was set to debut his first album #DummyBoy on November 23rd. Since his arrest he’s announced his album will no longer be dropping. #TMZ reports Tekashi is also fearful of the safety of his family.

We’ll be keeping you up to date #Roommates!

Source: https://theblast.com/tekashi-6ix9ines-not-gangster-just-entertainer-statement/