Looks like issa plot twist #Roommates! If we thought Tyrone tried to secure the bag before, we haven’t seen anything yet! If you remember last week, Howard University made headlines when students and administration alike found out about the college’s financial aid scandal.
Soon after, #TyroneHankerson became the butt of every finessing joke/meme imaginable, but it looks like he may have the last laugh. According to @CBSNews, he is reportedly suing the school for $10M!
Tyrone wasn’t here for all the jokes or the anonymous whistleblower that accused him of embezzling over $400K from low-income students through Howard’s financial aid office.
Tyrone is now suing Howard for exposing his financial records AND putting his life in danger! The news comes just days after Howard students have set up shop in the financial aid office in protest of the latest scandal!
We’ll make sure to keep the tea flowing with this one, Roomies!