Back in March, a video of rapper #XXXTentacion smacking a woman on the back of her head surfaced.
After the video began making its rounds, the woman said that she was terrified for her life via her Instagram story. “Imagine someone doing that to you unprovoked? At 16? Let alone the people he associates himself w/? Truth of the matter is I would still be holding on to this secret if it wasn’t leaked” she wrote. 
Her statements prompted the rapper to file a fraud defamation lawsuit against her citing that the woman tried to extort him out of $300,000. She allegedly threatened to hold a press conference where she would put him on blast as an abuser. Now, the woman is recanting her story and XXXTentacion wants to drop his lawsuit against her.
According to a statement obtained by @TMZ_Tv, the woman says, “The video was taken years ago when Jahseh [XXX’s real name] and I were both kids and we were just joking around. I was not injured as a result of what happened nor did it negatively affect my personal life.”
Unfortunately, the video is still being investigated as apart of his pending witness tampering case. However, it more than likely won’t impact the case since the time and date cannot be authenticated!

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