#Roommates, some of you have seen people all over IG hugging jaguars, playing with 🐒, and basically enjoying paradise! Well, thanks to the good people over at @blacktraveljourney and @islandjourneyhn, we went on an influencer trip to Roatan, Honduras and it was LIT! 🔥 We stayed in a beautiful 3 story villa courtesy of @pristinebayresort (literally the best resort ever) and ate authentic Honduran food everyday!

For those who don’t know, Roatan is one of Honduras’ Caribbean bay islands, best known for its beaches, dive sites and marine life. The island itself measures about 40 miles long, but what they lack in size, they definitely make up for in hospitality! The tickets to Honduras are reasonably priced since Honduras is only a few hours away!

If you’ve never been to Central America, Roatan is definitely paradise y’all! We went zip lining, snorkeling, held jaguars and most importantly visited #ArnaldoAuld Public School where we gave out school supplies to children in serious need.

With summer in full swing, we encourage all of you to travel and get to know the world! There’s so much to see and do! You never know how new experiences can change your outlook on life #Roommates. Swipe through & check out our time there!


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