#TSRWhatIfz: Okay #Roommates, we wanna know which of these talk shows y’all would love to see come to your actual TV screen!

Y’all know here at #TheShadeRoom we do it BIG for the culture, so we decided why not come up with some daytime talk shows that would HIT everyday! Like what if #Charlamagne and #WendyWilliamsreunited from their radio days to serve us that unfiltered Lipton everyday?! Or what if #50Cent#TheGame and #BowWow got 1 hour of live, unedited screen time to be p-e to the t-t-y about whatever is on their minds?! 😩😂 And let’s not act like The #AndrewCaldwell Show wouldn’t be TSR, Black Twitter and meme GOLD!

Tell us which shows you think would be a ratings hit, and *Disclaimer… all celebs mentioned better #RunUsOur10% if any of these shows ever come to real life, okuurrr! 📷: @GettyImages, Backgrid — Produced by @streamlinedmedia, Graphic design by @TylerSimien



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