#TSRWhereDeyAtNowDoe: 3LW Former Member Kiely Williams

#TSRWhereDeyAtNowDoe: 3LW Former Member Kiely Williams

Y’all remember ol’ girl form 3LW –Kiely? Wonder where she’s been? She’s been in love is where she’s been, honey!

So we got word that Ms. Kiely has been occupied by a very special someone otherwise known as BJ, her boyfriend of seven years –excuse us, her fiancé!

Yes! So Kiely and BJ have reportedly been a thing since the last Cheetah Girl tour back in ’08-’09 where he apparently started out as just a backup dancer for the girl group. Well would you look how far he’s come?!

As a matter of fact, you can catch him in her “Spectacular” music video! He’s been spotted for a quick second in the scene toward the end when they’re passing each other and he takes a second look at her.

Anyways, now they’re engaged, and she seems to be living a good life. Not sure if you guys know or not but she’s a part of the cast for a project called “March Moms,” a web series that launched back in September, following some crazy mothers and their daily shenanigans.

Good to know Kiely found her next spot in life after 3LW and The Cheetah Girls! In front of the camera and beside BJ! Congrats on the engagement!

TSR intern: Chantel Peterson, IG: @_POPchanny


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