'Twas The Night After Christmas : Blac Chyna Blasts Her Old Bestie Heather Sanders!

‘Twas The Night After Christmas : Blac Chyna Blasts Her Old Bestie Heather Sanders!

Most of us are finishing up our leftovers after Christmas or we’re still in the bed recovering from our food coma. But Blac Chyna & Heather Sanders? They are battling it out over snapchat. What happened to make a once perfect friendship turn so sour?

This is how it all began…

Once upon a time Blac Chyna and Heather Sanders were actually close friends. Some say they fell out because one was jealous of the other and stopped inviting her to events because she didn’t want to steal her shine. After all, it’s a small industry, they both have boutiques, and they both dated (Heather is still with Trell) a “Last King”. 

Others would say they fell out after Blac Chyna and Tyga split. Heather Sanders became cool with Kylie Jenner who is credited for ruining Chyna’s family.

But we think the beef started before Kylie. Anyway, today things went public in a way they never have before. 
Watch the video of Blac Chyna & Heather going in on each other on Snap Chat here
Heather posted a couple of videos on snapchat allegedly clowning with her baby’s father Trell. According to Heather she was talking about Trell when she was clowning about him having to get a new “hairline”. BC fans say, “No Ma’am” that was nothing but shade because Heather even wrote “Shadeeee” on her snapchat video.

 Trell joked back saying that Heather was dirty for posing in a photo shoot with heels and her butt showing. He didn’t say Heather’s name though and we are sure Blac Chyna has a pic like that as well, which is probably why she took Heather’s snap as shade. Trell posted the pic below to defend Heather, claiming it was an inside joke between them. Look here is the picture:
Shortly after Blac Chyna  took to snapchat to go off on Heather. She said Heather had no knees, fat thighs, fat arms, and much more. (Heather recently gave birth and gained a little preggo weight). 
Heather then decided to clapback at Chyna on the app by posting a video claiming she wasn’t talking about Blac Chyna at all and that if she was well…she could talk about her “fillers, arm, back arm, toe etc”

Blac Chyna responded by letting us in on some tea we never knew. She said that once she showed up at Tyga’s video shoot to fight Heather but she never showed up. She claimed to have waited for Heather outside her house for two hours but Heather refused to come outside to get those hands.

Heather had a slightly different story to tell. Heather claimed that Blac Chyna only showed up to the video shoot after she left. She also claimed Blac Chyna never showed up to her house after that, even though she was expecting her.

So with that being said the whole drama began based off of misinterpretation. 

Are y’all following this?

It’s a shame when two besties fall out but it happens every day right? 


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