Twitter User Bashes 'Hood Rat' Atlanta In Favor Of 'Classy' D.C.

Hol’ Up! Twitter Goes IN After User Bashes ‘Hood Rat’ Atlanta In Favor Of ‘Classy’ D.C.

After one Twitter user shared an unpopular opinion regarding comparisons between Atlanta and Washington, D.C., others came through to set the record straight!

One Tweeter Put Down Atlanta While Placing D.C. On A Pedestal

On Wednesday, a user took the opportunity to pop off and share her thoughts on people comparing ATL to our nation’s capital city.

She was specifically airing her grievances with people having the audacity to compare “classy DC to hood rat, strip club, nasty food having Atlanta.”

The person didn’t stop there, though, as she went on to also bring up subjects like job markets, the prominence of Black wealth, and healthcare.

“Y’all really sat here and compared classy DC to Y’all really sat here and compared classy DC to hood rat, strip club, nasty food having Atlanta. The job markets are different, 2 of the wealthiest Black counties are in DC area and one of the best hospitals in the world is in the area. Y’all can’t be serious…”

The Twitter Masses Respond By Calling The Original Poster ‘Anti-Black’

As one may guess, this user’s hot take didn’t go over too well over on Twitter.

People instantly began checking the original poster by accusing her of harboring negative sentiments towards Black cities and slamming her for “creating [an] unnecessary divide.”

The fact that this conversation emerged during Black History Month wasn’t lost on users, either. In fact, one person called the post a “horrible take” that’s “giving elitist during BHM.”

Some people noted that this stance is just what they’d expect someone from D.C. to believe, and one user went as far as to say that her “Jack and Jill of America jumped out.”

On the other hand, people also gave her proclamation that D.C. is “classy” some serious side-eye.

All in all, people were seriously set on pushing back against the original poster’s commentary on D.C. and ATL, and they went on to highlight all that Atlanta has to offer.

What do you think about the overall conversation, Roomies? Also, do you personally feel as though Washington, D.C., and Atlanta are comparable cities, or are they both in a category of their own?


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