Tyga Gets Sued Once Again!

Tyga Gets Sued Once Again!

Tyga is having a horrible time staying out of the way of these lawyers and fees. This time he’s paying for club hopping! Say what?!
A promoter in Vegas is suing Tyga for $100k for breaching a contract.
According to the legal documents, he signed a contract with the suing promoter to perform at Body English last year for $25k. However, there was a common catch, he agreed to not perform anywhere else in Vegas a week before his performance and a month after. This is also known as a “radius” clause.
The promoter alleges that Tyga broke his contract the evening prior to his contracted performance at Body English, when he hopped on another venues stage to perform there.
They’re further claiming to be double crossed by him in November when he was a no-show for a gig they had him scheduled for in Santa Monica.
Although he’s battling his land lord, will he dish out the $100k+ in damages?
Source: TMZ

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