Tyler Perry To Pay $14K Hospital Bill Of Atlanta Man Stuck In Mexico After Falling Ill On Cruise Ship

Tyler Perry To Pay $14K Hospital Bill Of Atlanta Man Stuck In Mexico After Falling Ill On Cruise Ship

TSR Positive Images: What an absolute blessing Tyler Perry can be, particularly in the lives of an Atlanta couple who were stuck in Mexico because they could not afford their $14,000-plus hospital bill.

You see, Tori Austin explained her fiance Stephen Johnson suffered a serious medical emergency while on board their dream cruise and Johnson had to be rushed to a private hospital in Mexico for treatment. He was in critical condition after medics aboard the cruise ship diagnosed Johnson with pancreatitis, diabetes and a kidney infection that required dialysis.

Johnson was “near death,” when he checked into the hospital, according to NBC News. After Johnson got better, the couple learned that the full $14,000 bill had to be paid upon discharge when they tried to leave.

They decided to create a GoFundMe page for their dilemma, which apparently caught the attention of Tyler Perry, who is not only paying for their costly bill, but will also be paying for the couple’s travel costs to come back home.

“I am so thankful for him,” Austin said of Tyler.

The hospital said on Saturday that it had not yet received the payment but that international transactions usually take take a few days to go through.

The hefty hospital bill covered an endoscopy, dialysis, three days of intensive care and many other medical procedures.

“He suffered kidney failure and is currently undergoing dialysis,” the hospital administrator said.

While Austin hopes that the hospital discharges her fiancé on Sunday since he’s doing “a lot better,” Centro Médico Americano said that Johnson might not be discharged for at least a couple of days since he is still undergoing procedures and advises he should not be traveling.

The website of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico lets U.S. citizens know that unexpected hospitalizations in Mexico “can be a difficult experience.”

“Hospitals in Mexico generally require payment upfront for services rendered and will place holds on credit cards if a patient is admitted,” the website reads. “Some private U.S. insurance companies pay for medical care overseas, but usually on a reimbursable basis, meaning that you will need to pay first and request reimbursement later.”

So, Roommates, be mindful of health conditions when you travel!



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