#TylerTheCreator was involved in a car crash during the wee hours of Thursday morning on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. He reportedly drove his Tesla Model X into a parked car.

The crash was so powerful that it pushed the parked car 50 feet into the street. Both his car, and the car that was parked are apparently totaled. Thankfully, no one got hurt, and there were no injuries nor arrests reported.

Tyler walked away from the scene as more and more cameras came about, however, he left a police report on the victim’s car who wasn’t too keen on his car being a wreck, but pretty excited after finding out it was #TylerTheCreator who wrecked it.

He said, “I mean at first, this is like the second time my car’s been like—it’s totaled for sure, this is the second time. So I was like ‘damn’ at first. But to find out Tyler The Creator did it? Probably gonna get a decent check, but yea it sucks though for sure, it sucks.”

Welp, we’re glad no one was injured, and we hope the owner of the parked car enjoys his “decent check”!

TSR STAFF: Thembi! @ThembiTV_