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Run It Back! Tyrese Asks Ex Samantha Lee Gibson To Drop His Last Name

Tyrese is requesting his ex and mother of his youngest daughter, Samantha Lee Gibson, return his last name. As The Shade Room previously reported, Samantha Lee filed to divorce Tyrese after three years of marriage in 2020.

To date, their divorce proceedings remain ongoing as the former couple battle over child support.

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Tyrese Reflects On His Marriage & Divorce With Samantha Lee Gibson

Tyrese appeared as a guest on an episode of ‘The Joe Burden Podcast’ released on November 24. During the sitdown, the singer reflected on his marriage to Samantha Lee.

The 44-year-old explained that he was “absolutely committed” to his marriage, and after it ended, he lost “everything he ever had.” Despite this, Tyrese maintained that he doesn’t want the union back or his relationship with Samantha Lee. Instead, what he “looks forward to is being married again.”

As the episode continued, the singer alleged that Lee’s “gluttonous” and materialistic personality became more prominent throughout their marriage. Furthermore, the singer alleged that he and his ex-wife have “never spent” $20,000 monthly on their daughter. Therefore, he cannot understand Lee’s current child support request.

“I never spent $20,000 on her, a month — let alone the child,” Tyrese explained. “She changed [her quality of life]. She left me, and she’s trying to take my life with her. It does not work that way…”

Additionally, the singer shed light on his and Lee’s alleged prenuptial agreement.

“We have a prenuptial agreement that was extremely aggressive and very detailed, and we both gladly signed it because I was sold and oversold on all the s**t that she’s not interested in,” the singer continued. “So when the f**k did you suddenly become interested?”

Over the weekend, Tyrese took to Instagram to share a detailed post promoting the episode. The singer explained that it would be the last time he spoke about his ex.

Samantha Lee Speaks Out Amid The Singer’s Recent Comments

Shortly after, Samantha Lee took to her Instagram to share a video. In the clip, she discussed the “shocking truth about trust” and shared a message about the “hardest lesson” she’s learned in life.

Furthermore, Lee updated her caption to add that her video message was “not in response to anything.”

“…Yall this clip was inspired by a Bishop TD JAKES clip (clip is in my story) not in response to anything! People are trying to connect dots that are absolutely unrelated. I truly just desire peace.”

Tyrese Makes A Request For Samantha Lee

However, Lee’s plea for peace seemingly did not deter Tyrese. The day after, Gibson reposted Lee’s video message on his Instagram feed with a pointed response.

In his message, Tyrese accused Lee of chasing “clout” and “faking” their marriage “to get the bag.” Ultimately, the singer asked Lee to run him his last name.

Read the singer’s entire message below.

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