Tyrese Gibson Gifts Church $111,000 And $6,000 For Families In Need

Tyrese Gibson Gifts His Church $117,000 During Service—Pledges $6,000 Of Funds To Families In Need

One woman took to Facebook to sing praises for one of the entertainment industry’s longtime voices, Tyrese Gibson. The woman spoke about almost missing a church service but followed through after a nagging feeling. Her decision allowed her to witness Tyrese being a blessing to others–including herself.

“When the spirit tells you to go to church you go,” Erika Barnhill wrote on July 24. I was the first one up and dressed. Took Antonio forever. We get to church and pastor Aventer was speaking, made a comment about coming to church even though you knew the gas light was on and you didn’t know how you were going to get home. But you were obedient and came anyway.”

The message rang true for Erika–given how she started her post. But what came next, she later detailed, wasn’t expected. Tyrese stood up with a message on his heart and a mission led by his pockets.

“Tyrese got up to speak because he had the spirit of giving on his heart,” Erika wrote. “He then tells us he knows gas is high and wants to bless families at church.”

Church And Its Families Receive Financial Blessing From Tyrese 

Gas prices have been a hot topic for several weeks as inflation rises. But, while we may be seeing the numbers fluctuate at the pump, President Biden recently reassured Americans the costs are steadily declining. The president said the price of filling our vehicles has been dropping for more than 30 days, as of July 18.

Given Tyrese’s generosity, families at his church got an extra $100 of breathing room when it comes to filling the tanks.

“[Tyrese] then tells us he knows gas is high nad wants to bless families at church,” Erika wrote. “He gave $6,000 for the church to disperse ($100 increments) to those in need.”

The singer’s generosity didn’t stop there. He decided to show the recently opened church his commitment to its growth.

“But he wasn’t finished. He then says his angel number is 11 and he wanted to sow into the church. So I said to myself $11,000 he gone donate. NOPE,” Erika wrote. “$111,000. I’m not sure if y’all understand. But Pastor John said he wanted the church paid off by the end of the year and it just opened in March.”

C’mon Tyrese! Check out the full Facebook post below: 


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