Tyrese Is Ordered To Pay $10K A Month In Child Support For Daughter

Tyrese Is Ordered To Pay $10k A Month In Child Support For 3-Year-Old Daughter

Tyrese got his wish in his recent court battle with his ex, Samantha Gibson, with a judge saving the actor from paying spousal support; however, the father will be paying $10,690 in child support for their daughter, 3-year-old Soraya.

TMZ reports that the Georgia judge also officially granted Samantha’s divorce petition from the actor in court on Tuesday evening. In footage from the court hearing, the judge advised Tyrese, who appeared pensive as the judge ordered the support, that the money he’ll be paying Samantha is an investment in his daughter’s future.

“I want you both to love your kid, and I want you both to tell your kid to love the other parent. Because that’s how we get successful human beings [who] learn that relationships, even when they don’t work, don’t have to be dumpster fires,” the judge told the parents in court.


Tyrese To Pay $209,000 Total In Back Child Support

Tyrese is not only on the hook for his daughter’s future financially, but her past too, the judge reportedly said the $10k per month dates back to when Samantha first filed for divorce in September 2020. This means he owes his ex a lump sum of $209k.

Tyrese does get credit, noting he’s been making Samantha’s car payments for 2 years, so the judge knocked off around $46,000, bringing final sum to $169k owed. Tyrese is also reportedly paying $10,690 month in child support for his teenage daughter, Shayla. The 14-year-old lives in California with his ex-wife Norma Mitchell.


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