Tyrese Opens Up About Receiving His Mom's Ashes Ahead Of Mothers Day -- "It Puts Everything Into Perspective"

Tyrese Opens Up About Receiving His Mom’s Ashes Ahead Of Mothers Day — “It Puts Everything Into Perspective”

“Transformers” star Tyrese Gibson opened up on Instagram Thursday morning about receiving his mom’s ashes ahead of mothers day weekend. Priscilla Murray’s ashes were delivered to her son following her February 14th death. Gibson revealed, “my mother just got delivered to me in a box.”

Murray was hospitalized with COVID-19 and pneumonia, falling into a coma three times before succumbing to the illnesses. The 43-year-old actor and singer shared photos capturing his last moments with his mother in the hospital as he gripped her hand in ICU.

This was the last time I seen my mom in the hospital. Pneumonia, covid. She went into code blue. God called her home. Look at that smile, look at those eyes.


Tyrese’s Mother’s Ashes Are Resting In A Rose Stem Urn

The father of two appeared to be emotional while unveiling the velvet box that kept his mothers ashes safe. Tyrese showed supporters that he kept his mom’s remains in a rose stem designed like a flower. While sharing the delicate visual of his mother’s ashes, Tyrese offered his perspective on being a “motherless child” just days ahead of mothers day.

I can relate to mommy issues and daddy issues, but I think if you have any kind of love for me, I want you to understand that if your mother’s ashes get delivered to you in a box…it puts everything in perspective.

Tyrese continued to be open, showing off photos of his mother smiling and complementing her striking features. Reflecting on mothers day, the singer added:

“I’m gonna pray for healing and peace — for you to resolve whatever conflict and issues that you may have with your parents. Because that whole saying that ‘tomorrow isn’t promised,’ you have no idea how real that is.”

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We are keeping Tyrese and his family lifted in prayer during this difficult time.


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