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Tyrese & Voltron Travel Announce New Partnership With The Thurgood Marshall College Fund

School is in session! As students travel to colleges and universities all across the country, Tyrese and his company Voltron Travel, LLC, are making things easier for students to reach their destinations without the heavy burden of high costs! Tyrese and Voltron have partnered with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). TMCF is one of the biggest funds that provide scholarships and other educational opportunities for thousands of students every year. With Voltron currently being the only Black-owned service of its kind, this is a perfect partnership to dedicate a one-of-a-kind booking experience for people of color. 

Tyrese has pledged $100,000 of Voltron travel’s profits based on a percentage of net sales to the fund to kick off the partnership. This will launch an opportunity to impact HBCU students’ classroom experience directly. Tyrese will be offering a “Back-to-School Success Kit” that will provide select students from various HBCUs an opportunity to receive a “success” package. Each package will include school supplies and gear, and travel vouchers. In an official statement, TMCF Vice President of Development Betsy Burton-Strunk shared, “This exciting partnership with Voltron Travel is another example of the diverse set of global partners that value and want to make significant investments in the development and success of minority students through the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.”

Last week The Shade Room had the opportunity to join Tyrese, Voltron, and TMCF staff to learn more about the partnership in a virtual press conference. We asked Tyrese about his plans to release new music during the conference and if his former group TGT would be reuniting. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for new Tyrese music, you’re going to have to wait. Tyrese shared that although music is his first love, he isn’t motivated to drop new music by placing a check in front of him. “I look at Lauren Hill, I look at D’Angelo, I look at the folks who have decided, you know, financially I’m okay, so I don’t have to hurry up and rush back into it (music) just to pay bills,” Tyrese said. 

“The money that I make from movies has allowed for me to put that cushion there and really move and do things in music when I really feel,” Tyrese continued. As far as TGT, Tyrese didn’t confirm that the group would be reuniting, but while reminiscing on the time being on the stage with Tank and Ginuwine, he said that the concerts, press, and media runs, he participated with the group, was the most exciting thing ever. In the meantime, while you can check out Tyrese on the latest installment of ‘Fast & Furious’ in ‘Fast 9’, and you can check out Voltron Travel for more information about his partnership with TMCF!

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