U.S. Senator Cory Booker Trends On Twitter After Saying “We Brought

U.S. Senator Cory Booker Trends On Twitter After Saying “ We Brought This Hell Upon Ourselves” On The Senate Floor

As Congress members reconvened this evening after the U.S. Capitol was shut down earlier today due to rioters breaking inside, U.S. Senator Cory Booker gave a very moving speech while on the Senate Floor. Senator Booker held nothing back and came directly for President Donald Trump’s claims of the election being rigged. 

Senator Booker started his speech recalling two moments in U.S. history when individuals laid siege on the country’s Capitol, which was the War of 1812 and today. He said, “What’s interesting about the parallel between the two is, they both were waving flags to a sole sovereign, to an individual, surrendering democratic principles to the cult of personality. One was a monarch in England and the other with the flags I saw all over our Capitol — including in the hallways and this room. To a single person named Donald Trump. The sad difference between these two times is, one was yet another nation in the history of our country that tried to challenge the United States of America. But this time, we brought this hell upon ourselves.”

Senator Booker continued by further calling out President Trump. He said, “It is unprecedented that he [Trump] is fanning the flames of conspiracy theory to create a smokescreen in this nation. To cover what he is trying to do, which is undermine our democratic principles. But it is not just that. The shame of this day —it’s being aided and abetted by good Americans who are falling prey, who are choosing Trump over truth.”

Senator Booker quickly starting trending on Twitter, and there were several reactions to his speech. One user commented, “God @CoryBooker nails it. Just perfect. It’s the best thing I’ve heard all day, worth a listen. Brilliant, and he captures the gravity of the moment. Puts it in the lens of history.” Another commented, “Cory Booker doesn’t even have notes. This is the best speech I’ve ever seen him give.”

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