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U.S. Supreme Court Asked To Review Overturned Bill Cosby Conviction

Bill Cosby has been keeping a low profile since his release from prison. However, it looks like he may be back in the spotlight as another legal battle may be underway. As we previously reported, Bill spent nearly three years in SCI Phoenix state prison, outside of Philadelphia, after a jury convicted him of three aggravated indecent assault counts in 2018. The court deemed the 84-year-old a “sexually violent predator” for posing an “imminent safety risk to women.”

Since his release in June, Bill has stayed out of trouble, but it hasn’t stopped prosecutors from attempting to send him back to the slammer. According to CNBC, PA Prosecutors asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a lower court’s ruling that overturned Bill’s sexual assault conviction. In June, Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the “non-prosecution agreement” with a prior prosecutor should have precluded him from being criminally charged in the case.

The petition was filed last Wednesday by the District Attorney’s Office in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and today it was made available to the public. The petition calls for the U.S. Supreme court to consider whether that agreement — in which then-prosecutor Bruce Castor promised not to file criminal charges against Bill if he testified in a civil lawsuit, should be treated as “a grant of immunity.”

Although there may be a long battle to go, Bill’s team hasn’t waivered and remains loyal to fighting for his freedom. Andrew Wyatt, a spokesman for Bill, released a statement stating,

“In short, the Montgomery County D.A. asks the United States Supreme Court to throw the Constitution out the window, as it did, to satisfy the #metoo mob,” the statement said. “There is no merit to the DA’s request which centers on the unique facts of the Cosby case and has no impact on important federal questions of law.” Roomies, we’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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