Uber Announces Temporary Fuel Surcharge On Rides And Deliveries To Help Drivers And Couriers

Uber Announces Temporary Fuel Surcharge On Rides And Deliveries To Help Drivers And Couriers

As gas prices continue to remain a focal point as they increase, Uber is making a temporary change to its riding app and delivery app to help out drivers and couriers.

According to CBS News, Uber has announced that they will now include a fuel surcharge that will be applied to rides and deliveries, which will depend on the location. The company shared that it will add between $0.45 or $0.55 per ride and between $0.35 or $0.45 per delivery for the next 60 days. The charge will be based on the length of the trip, and also the price of gas in whichever market the trip is taking place.

Liza Winship, the head of driver operations in the U.S. and Canada for Uber said, “We know drivers and couriers are feeling the sting of record-high prices at the pump, so we’re rolling out a temporary fuel surcharge to help. This consumer surcharge will apply to each ride or delivery and will vary by location, with 100% going directly to drivers and couriers.”

One place where the surcharge will not be applied is New York City. CBS reports that “drivers saw an increase March 1st,” and also mentioned that most deliveries are done with couriers who use bicycles.

The price of gas decreased during the height of the pandemic while most of the country was on lockdown. As mask mandates came to an end, and the lockdowns as well, gas prices began to rise again. However, due to the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. has banned the imports of Russian oil and gas, causing gas prices to reach new heights.

CBS reports that on Friday, gas prices hit “a record-high average of $4.33 per gallon.”

With the increase in gas prices, Uber is also hoping drivers consider switching to electric vehicles. Winship added, “Importantly, we’re also seizing this moment to bolster our efforts to help drivers make the switch to electric vehicles.”




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