Uber is currently under fire and apologizing for using a racial slur in a response to a customer’s concerns on Twitter.  IONO who was on shift at the Uber headquarters when this happened but I’m sure they called an emergency staff meeting with the quickness. 

View the alleged tweet below:

Before we all get our panties in a bunch, it is important to note that the account Uber Support was responding to is a whole troll account.  According to Mashable, the

“@realTheeCheney account, which consists of mostly MAGA trolling and screenshots of other Twitter users tricking brand accounts into tweeting racist replies. For example, if the @realTheeCheney account had a display name with the slur, then it changed it after receiving the reply from Uber, a bot reply from @Uber_Support quoting the display name might read as the deleted tweet screenshot above.”

This however doesn’t excuse Uber for using the racial slur in their response. 

Currently, the alleged troll account has set their name to “D*ck”. In the event that another company responds to them, there is a chance they’d find themselves out here apologizing too.

As for Uber, the say they are currently investigating how this happened to begin with.