(Update) DaBaby Responds To Felony Battery Charge After Man Says His Tooth Was Knocked Out During Video Shoot

(Update) DaBaby Responds To Felony Battery Charge After Man Says His Tooth Was Knocked Out During Video Shoot

DaBaby has been in the headlines more than a lil’ bit and today is no different. On Saturday, it was reported that DaBaby was charged with felony battery after Gary Pager, a property manager, accused the rapper and his entourage of attacking him and knocking out his tooth.

The alleged attack happened in Los Angeles back in December of 2020 during a video shoot where there was a discrepancy of the number of people who could be on the property. DaBaby has now responded to the allegation.

In a tweet and a video posted to his social media pages, DaBaby says Pager is a “white supremacist.” In the video accompanied by his caption, Pager can be heard saying the n-word several times and using profanity.

DaBaby wrote:

Y’all keep believing these type of people & helping em assassinate my character y’all might as well get a rope & help him hang my black a**.

He then posted a TikTok video and said:

On today’s episode of ‘Let’s Make DaBaby look like a bad person,’ we have Gary Prager a PROUD white supremacist lying to TMZ & LAPD. Not knowing that he’s caught on camera.

In the video obtained by TMZ, which is from another angle, DaBaby’s friend, Thankgod Awute, can be seen roughing up Pagar and pushing him to the ground.

While DaBaby ordered Awute to get off of the accuser, Pagar ultimately says he suffered serious injuries. As a result, Awute has been charged with felony robbery.

In the latest DaBaby news, never-before-seen footage of the 2018 Walmart fatal killing of Jaylin Craig at a North Carolina Walmart was obtained by Rolling Stone, and put his claims of self-defense into question.

DaBaby responded to the footage and said:

Like damn Bruh…N***as done took 30 million for me, lie on me once a week, want me to lose fights. I don’t start, want my fine a** BM’s to hate me, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM MEEE?

At the beginning of April, DaBaby reportedly shot an intruder who attempted to break into his home. The wounded individual was taken to the hospital and released. No other information is available at this time.


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