LSU Accepts White House Invite Despite Angel Reese's Comments

UPDATE: LSU Athletics Dept. Says It’ll ‘Certainly Accept’ White House Invite Despite Angel Reese’s Commentary

After LSU Tigers athlete Angel Reese‘s declaration that she and her teammates would not accept the Bidens’ invitation to the White House, the school’s athletics department is stepping in to share another take.

LSU Accepts Invite After Angel Reese Shoots It Down

As The Shade Room previously reported, the matter came to public attention after Reese clapped back at Jill Biden online, as the First Lady considered inviting LSU and the Iowa Hawkeyes to the White House.

Jill Biden’s suggestion, which deviates from the norm of only extending the invite to NCAA champions, was because both teams showed out and “played such a good game.”

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However, Reese immediately pushed back against the suggestion by slamming it as “a joke.” She also stepped into The Shade Room’s Instagram comment section to declare, “WE NOT COMING. period.”

This sentiment was shared by other LSU basketballers like Alexis Morris, who asked if the team could “celebrate [the] win” at Michelle Obama’s house instead. Iowa star Caitlin Clark also turned down the prospect by noting, “LSU should enjoy that moment for them.”

Despite Reese and her teammates’ commentary, CNN reports that LSU has jumped into the conversation to share that they would “certainly accept an invitation.”

However, it’s unclear if Reese, Morris, and other LSU stars will follow through and drop by the White House.

Sherri Shepherd Says Jill Biden Is Pandering To Iowa & Owes The Team An Apology

While on the subject of the situation between the White House and the LSU Women’s Basketball team, we should add that Sherri Shepherd recently shared her take.

She started by pointing out, “You never invite the losing team to the White House.”

Humorously, the actress suggested that Jill Biden considered inviting the Iowa Hawkeyes to the White House to pander to voters in the Midwestern state.

“I know you want Iowa to vote for your husband, but stop it! Stop it, Dr. Biden.”

She also declared that, while chillin’ with the Obamas “would be awesome” for the team, they “deserve to go to the White House.” Shepherd wrapped by noting that Jill Biden certainly owed LSU an apology.

What are your thoughts on the situation?


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