#Roommates, the US Customs and Border Patrol just pulled off a record breaking drug bust. According to @CNN, authorities have seized over $1B worth of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin, all set to make its way to Australia.

Apparently the bust took place at Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport where authorities went through a shipment of loud speakers and discovered the drugs. Two US citizens, along with four Australian citizens were arrested. The drug bust contained 3,810 pounds of methamphetamine, about 56 pounds of cocaine and 11.5 pounds of heroin, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

The bust is a record for US authorities, making it It was the biggest seizure of methamphetamine in the United States and amounted to about 17 million doses. That’s crazy #Roommates!


Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/r-us-seizes-record-13-billion-meth-haul-bound-for-australia-2019-2