Usher Reveals 'Hardest Part' Of Getting Ready For Super Bowl

Usher Reveals “Hardest Part” Of Getting Ready For Upcoming Super Bowl Show

Usher is preparing to take the halftime Super Bowl stage in February. Despite 30 years of entertainment experience, the singer is still debating the details of his upcoming show.

His biggest challenge at the moment is picking the setlist. To him, it feels like having 13 minutes to “get through an entire legacy of music,” per Entertainment Tonight.

“This is a celebration of my legacy. It’s a celebration of my music. It’s a celebration of my passion. Thirty years ago, that journey started, and now it’s landed me at this point in my life at the Super Bowl. Lot of songs, lots of moments, lot of dance, lot of energy,” he told ET.

Usher confirmed he’s headlining the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show in September. The 44-year-old starred in an announcement video with a cameo from Kim Kardashian.

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Usher Shares What He Loves About This Opportunity

Usher is definitely excited about this celebration of his artistry. The best part for him is having his “friends and new people to celebrate with.” Their presence is driving the singer’s “anticipation and excitement.”

Usher also revealed that his mother saw his Super Bowl halftime performance coming a long time ago!

“…I don’t take it for granted. My mother talked about this moment many years ago, actually, and there was the thought that maybe it wouldn’t come,” Usher said. “It was just a matter of time and making certain that the moment was right.”

The “My Boo” singer confirmed he’s considering collaborators for the show. However, he remained hush-hush when ET’s Rachel Smith asked for hints.

One thing he did note was that the Feb. 11 show will be “magic.” Not only will Usher bless the national stage, but he plans to release his album Coming Home that same day.

“This juncture, this portion of my life, is a coming home experience. When I think about where I started and how this 30 years of an evolution has now brought me home…That’s part of the reason that I named it Coming Home,” Usher said. “The rest of it is inside of the music and my choices of experiences and things that I wanted to blend. I tried a few new things, worked with some new producers, and also to work with producers that I’ve worked with in the past. That’s a bit of a coming home as well.”

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