The John Doe that sued Usher last year for allegedly exposing him to herpes during an alleged encounter, has dropped his request for the singer’s medical records.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the unidentified male is withdrawing his motion to compel, which looked for Usher to turn over his doctor’s records and any information about any possible settlements over herpes.

The documents also mention that the unidentified male could bring the motion again, but at the moment he will continue with “further discovery.”

According to the site, John Doe claims that Usher “refused to turn over documents” and tried to “invoke attorney-client privilege and physician-patient privilege to not hand over the records.”

Last year, two additional accusers sued the singer. One identified as Jane Doe and Quantasia Sharpton. They all claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Usher, and they all say he put their health at risk for not mentioning his alleged herpes diagnosis.

John Doe claims that his encounter with Usher took place at a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles, his case is still ongoing.


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