Roommates, I hate to say it but it was really only a matter of time before one of Wendy William’s guests referenced her impending divorce. Earlier this week, Van Jones caught our good sis Wendy Williams off guard when she started asking one too many questions about his separation to his estranged wife.

In the clip, Wendy mentions that Van is still wearing his wedding ring. To which he quickly clapped back with his own observation about HER ring. Watch below, it’s sure to give you an “Oop!” moment:

Now, Wendy kept it cute with her response. But if you watch the clip closely, it’s pretty clear she wasn’t expecting that response from Van.

Here’s the reality of the situation, Wendy is a public figure who is going through a very public divorce from her estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

She’s made some serious changes since news of their divorce broke. She’s even fired him as an executive producer from The Wendy Show.

Kevin has made a public apology to Wendy, but, it’s becoming more and more evident that his apology just ain’t going to cut it!

Van wasn’t the only one that clapped back at Wendy this week, Chris Brown also has some nice, nasty words for the television host.

If you didn’t already know, Chris will be touring with Nicki Minaj this summer and Wendy made that announcement a part of her ‘Hot Topics’ segment. During the segment she explained she doesn’t think either artist should be opening for the other and joked that the best way to settle is to have whoever shows up on time goes first as rumor has it they both like to show up late.

While the audience laughed, Chris didn’t think it was that funny, as he delivered a cute lil’ response. See below:

Whew! Well regardless of everything else going on. Wendy looks to be in  a much better place and we hope she continues to work towards her happiness!