Vanessa And Krystal Reunite 15 Years After 'College Hill' Virgin Islands Edition First Aired

Vanessa And Krystal Reunite 15 Years After ‘College Hill’ Virgin Islands Edition First Aired

One of reality television’s most memorable tussles came from season four of ‘College Hill.’ Filmed in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the show brought together eight students including four transfers from Los Angeles and four Virgin Islanders. The cast lived together under one roof on St. Thomas, while attending the University of the Virgin Islands.
Reality TV’s #1 Tussle 
During filming, castmates Vanessa and Krystal got into a heated exchange that ended in a bloody face and reality TV history. Krystal and Vanessa cussed at each other before Vanessa decided to run up on Krystal. The Los Angeles transfer used a high heel to defend herself, which resulted in a head wound that leaked blood all over the V.I. native’s face.
Well, it looks like any bad sentiments about the fight are years behind both Vanessa and Krystal. Both ladies took to social media to announce that they’d reunited about 15 years since the show first aired on March 6, 2007.
The Unexpected Reunion

“All this talk about reunions, we’re better off reconnecting on our own! Lol! We had a great time, like Ice Cube said, today was a great day,” Vanessa shared in the caption of an ussie with Krystal. “I truly had a great time with u and it was so great meeting your son!”

This energy is severely different from what viewers saw on television in 2007. Nonetheless, folks seemed to welcome the rekindled friendship with comments like “amazing” and “love to see it” sprinkled under Vanessa’s post. Krystal also left her own positive note below the picture.

“It was so fun today friend and I’m glad we are fortunate enough to appreciate each other,” Krystal said along with red heart emojis.


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In 2019, The Shade Room caught up with some castmates from season four, including Vanessa. She spoke about the situation then saying she “was lit.” The cast had just returned from the club and Vanessa said she “was not sober at all.” She explained that Krystal’s lack of thinking before speaking set her off. Still, she learned something from the experience.

“I learned to breathe and not immediately react to everything and everyone. Saves me lots of energy, emotion, sanity (and blood, lol)! I will say that we did have the BEST season,” Vanessa said.


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