#Roommates, get into this! Police are looking for a person who plowed through the front door of a Milwaukee home on Monday morning.

“You could tell it lost control. He couldn’t control it,” a witness named H.B. Miles said.

According to Fox 6, Miles said he saw the driver jump the curb and plow right into the home. He believes the car malfunctioned.

“You could tell he was trying to turn the wheel but once he turned, I guess it locked on him,” Miles said.

Unfortunately, the driver didn’t stick around and dipped out… but that’s only the beginning. Police said the Chevy Impala was stolen from a nearby home.

FOX 6 managed to speak with the vehicle’s owner, who arrived on the scene shortly after the crash, and told the outlet he had just got the car and didn’t have insurance. He also said he doesn’t know how the thief got his keys.

“This is the most scary thing. Someone could have been sitting right there, could have been dead and gone,” car owner Navarus Campbell said.

No one inside the home was injured during this accident.