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Vic Mensa Thinks Jay-Z Will Hire Colin Kaepernick If He’s Going To Buy An NFL Team

Vic Mensa has joined the list of people who publicly support Jay-Z’s new NFL partnership.

Vic has faith that his friend will do the right thing and look out for Colin Kaepernick by making sure Kaep gets hired when Hov becomes an NFL team owner.

“I would be surprised if Kaepernick doesn’t get a job with Hov being in the NFL,” Mensa told TMZ. “We know the NFL is a slave game, so to have a black man in there… especially a black man with a socially conscious responsibility, cause I know that’s how Hov feels, man… I believe that Kaep gonna get that job and I believe that Hov’s intentions are in the right place.”

Reports have indicated that Hov will have a “significant ownership interest” in an NFL team but it wasn’t immediately clear what team that will be.

Several people have had their say about Jay-Z’s partnership with the NFL, which involves him and Roc Nation handling the league’s entertainment component along with being a voice for its social justice initiatives.

While many have celebrated the deal and have cheered on Jay-Z getting a seat at the table, others have been critical of the move having any real change on issues such as police brutality in America.

People such as NFL baller Eric Reid and social justice activist Shaun King say Jay-Z is betraying Kaepernick with this mega deal, putting money before the issues. Jay-Z has said that “we are past kneeling” at this point as people are aware of the issue and it’s time to take action.

Vic said he still has tremendous respect for Kaepernick and the work he’s done — but says the community should get behind Jay buying an NFL team because ultimately it’s a good thing for the Black community.

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