VIDEO: 9-Year-Old Girl Viciously Assaulted By Two Older Boys

VIDEO: 9-Year-Old Florida Girl Viciously Assaulted By Two Older Boys In Savage School Bus Attack

A 14-year-old student has been arrested after disturbing footage captured him brutally beating a 9-year-old girl on a school bus in Homestead, Miami. According to CBS News, the students were riding from Coconut Palm K-9 Academy on Wednesday when the attack happened.

Jenni – the mother of the young girl who was attacked – explained that her 10-year-old son was also beaten on the bus ride, and that she had called to report bullying at the school just hours before the incident occurred.

9-Year-Old Girl & 10-Year-Old Brother Brutally Beaten By Older Boys On School Bus, Shocking Video Shows

“Emotionally, I couldn’t even last two minutes. I couldn’t look at the video. Like any mother, I am destroyed. I fell to my knees and at that moment I said I have to do something,” said Jenni, who is the mother of the young girl who was attacked.

Jenni says her 10-year-old son was also pummeled on the same bus ride, causing him to fall as the other boys continued to hit him.

“Another kid came out of nowhere and hit my son and he fell to his knees, and they started to hit him,” said Jenni.

The young victims’ mother added her kids had only been enrolled in the school for three weeks. On Wednesday, she contacted CBS 4 to report bullying at the school.

Hours later, her children were assaulted, however Jenni isn’t the only parent claiming there’s serious bullying issues at Coconut Palm K-8 Academy.

“My son was bullied at that school, since the beginning of the school year,” said a mother who wished to remain anonymous.

Parents Of Bullied Kids Seek Answers, And Receive None From School Officials

Jenni son – a third grader – has been physically bullied repeatedly by his classmates now for weeks, however his mother Jenni says she’s been ignored after contacting administrators and teachers and nothing appears to have changed leading up to Wednesday’s viral attack.

However, Jenni isn’t the only parent accusing Coconut Palm K-8 Academy of failing to prevent ongoing bullying.

The other concerned mother that there was an incident during P.E. involving her son, however “what happens in P.E. stays in P.E,” the teacher allegedly informed her.

“There was an incident during P.E. and… that what happens in P.E. stays in P.E. and that to me was just bewildering,”

The bullying in that case got so bad for this student that his mother was force to remove him from the school entirely.

“I had to pull my kid out of the school, cause that school doesn’t care about their children,” the mother said.

Authorities Say A 14-Year-Old Boy Has Been Arrested In Connection To The Viral School Bus Assault

Officials at Miami-Dade County Public Schools released a statement on Wednesday after the school bus assault went viral, claiming the offender has been arrested “and will be charged accordingly.”

“Miami-Dade Schools Police arrested the offender and they will be charged accordingly. Additionally, those involved will be disciplined according to the code of student conduct.”

In Jenni’s case, a 14-year-old boy has been arrested in connection to the attacks on her two children, while she says she intends on pressing charges.

Her kids are physically okay, but are traumatized by the bullying and ensuing viral video.


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