Son Of Herschel Walker Confronts Kehalni At Starbucks

(Video) Christian Walker, Herschel Walker’s Son & Popular TikTok Creator, Confronts Kehlani In Starbucks Line

On Wednesday afternoon, the son of Herschel Walker and popular TikTok content creator, Christian Walker, confronted Kehlani while in line at Starbucks. He accused the singer of telling a barista that he was an “a**hole,” and the incident trended online.


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Walker used his platform to speak about the incident and uploaded a 19 second clip to his IG story that detailed the interaction between the two.

In the video, Walker approached Kehlani accusing her of telling the barista he was an “a**hole.”


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Ma’am, Ma’am, you don’t need to tell baristas I was an a**hole because I have an opinion, he said.

The son of the Georgia governor nominee also stated:

Get your drink and go away. I, I can have an opinion like everybody else. Why are you entitled to an opinion and not me?

Walker also posted a picture of himself to his IG story after the incident and captioned the photo:


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I was just listening to a Kehlani song yesterday. Sister girl didn’t know who she was dealing with. Don’t let the Givenchy and smile fool you. I will step out of the car.

Shortly after the encounter, the conservative social media influencer also uploaded a video a little over two minutes. Wearing a “Pro-America” shirt, Walker stated he had to “set her straight.”


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He also referred to Kehlani as “very woke and super tolerant.” Walker ended the video by saying that he thinks Kehlani is a “great singer.”

In response to Walker’s behavior, Kehlani stepped into The Shade Room and wrote:

Couldn’t give him what he wanted…gotta pray for folks.

She posted on her Instagram story:

 I would like to end this with–I was on [a] virtual therapy session that entire time. Therapy works, babes. I’m proof.

The mother of one also said:

Gotta let the fools, fool

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