L.A. Woman Fearful After Husband Rams Dump Truck Into Home

[VIDEO] L.A. Woman Fears For Her Life After Estranged Husband Rams Dump Truck Into Home

A woman in South Los Angeles is living in fear after her estranged husband rammed a dump truck into their home.

The Husband Rolled Up To The House Three Separate Times

The incident unfolded on Sunday afternoon, and Patricia Dunn told ABC7 Eyewitness News that the explanation is simple: “He was trying to kill [her]”

“He was trying to kill me. He really was.”

She also pointed out that her estranged husband, who CBS Los Angeles identifies as Ronald Dunn, specifically targeted the area of the home that houses her bedroom.

Additionally, Patricia shared that he initially crashed into the house using a Chevy Impala while she was still inside. Then, her husband returned to do more damage with dump truck, which also crashed into at least two parked cars. He eventually returned in the Impala, though it’s unclear if he did any further damage.

Homeowner Tearfully Questions ‘What He Might Do’

In response to the ordeal, Patricia emotionally expressed that she was uncertain of what “a man under that kind of rage” could do if he were to return. She also said she’s “not comfortable” in her home and ultimately just wants to sell it.

“I don’t even want this house anymore. I just want to put it up for sale and just move on because I’m not comfortable here anymore. I know he might come back. Who’s to say he’s not? A man under that kind of rage—who’s to say what he might do?”

She also noted, “I was just trying to stay out of the way, so I don’t know if he was drunk or under the influence. I never experienced anything like this in my life.”

You can watch footage from the dump truck incident, as well as a portion of Patricia Dunn’s interview, down below.

It Took Authorities 30 Minutes To Respond

A longer video clip, which was recorded by a neighbor, was also uploaded to TikTok, and a portion of the caption slammed authorities for taking 30 minutes to arrive to the scene of the incident.

“Someone seriously could have been hurt and the lack of urgency the people we are supposed to feel safe around is terrible.”


watch out for ron. my neighbor goes crazy, took almost 30 mins for cops to come when we live a mile away from the police station, and the fire station is literally on the other side of the BLOCK. this is the second attack, before he tore up his front yard fence and garage door, then came with this diesel truck for destruction. all cause his ex wife wouldnt take him back. only one chp car showed up and they were only aware of the fact that when we first called we thought he was just drunk driving. after multiple calls from multiple neighbors, still only one car showed up. someone seriously could have been hurt and the lack of urgency the people we are supposed to feel safe around is terrible. raise awareness for emerbencies in all neighborhoods. #emergency #fyp #police #dobetter

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In response, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reportedly notes that the delay was due to the situation being reported as a traffic collision as opposed to an active crime.

Meanwhile, Patricia says she’s fearful and staying elsewhere for the time being. She also notes that she’s filing a restraining order against him, though it’s unclear if any other legal action will be pursued.


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