Video Surfaces Of Mo'Nique Calling Out Her Son Shalon At Show

Whew! Shalon Reacts After Video Surfaces Of Mo’Nique Calling Him Out During A Show

Last week, Mo’Nique and her son Shalon took to social media several times to address the current status of their relationship. Mo’s husband, Sidney Hicks, even stepped in at one point.

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Mo’Nique Says Woman Gave Her Advice On Handling Her Son

Just when the family riff seemed to subside on social media, a video surfaced of Mo’Nique going IN on Shalon. This time, the longtime actress was airing out her thoughts at a recent comedy show.

In a viral clip, the comedian explained that she’s head-on about addressing her issues.

“I’ve already apologized if I’ve done something wrong, but I ain’t no b***h that’s gon back up from a motherf**king problem. Imma go straight to that motherf**ker and imma deal with it.” 

Then she recalled meeting an older woman while traveling through a New Jersey airport and her reaction to Mo’Nique and Shalon’s mother-son dispute. Mo said she had just seen one of Shalon’s TikTok videos.

“And when you see your child, that you f**ked for…and you see your goddamn child get on the got damn internet and tell people sh*t you’re not and you’re supposed to take that sh*t in stride.” 

Then came the part about the older woman’s feedback:

“She said, ‘F**k that n***a. Now when an elderly person tell you f**k that n***a…she said you been taking care of that n***a all his motherf**king life. She said, Mo’Nique I’m 80 years old and I got a son 60 years old and every time that n***a don’t get what he wants, he still tell me how f**ked up I was when he was 10 years old. F**k that n***a.” 

Shalon Reacts To Mo’s On-Stage Comments

Unlike his other reactions this past week, Shalon kept his response to Mo’Nique’s on-stage comments light.

In the video, he laughs and says, “Be gone Satan, I rebuke thee in the name of Jesus” in an animated voice.

Meanwhile, the background is dark, his face is not visible and there are three sentences in white text on the screen.

“Dang mama. I still LOVE U THO. Laughter will get me through,” Shalon wrote in the video.

His caption reads, “Not on stage tho lol. It be like that something I guess.”


Not on stage tho lol. It be like that sometimes i guess.🤷🏿‍♂️#laughing #stillloveyou #foryou #fypシ #fyp #blacktiktok #shalon #monique #shaderoom #dangmama #fthatnword

♬ original sound – sho_nomadDAD

As mentioned, the mother and son have been exchanging words online since Shalon gave his POV of their current relationship. On TikTok, he alleged Mo’Nique told him she wasn’t interested in motherhood when he was a child. However, he claims she changed her tune after having more kids with her “daddy” Sidney Hicks.

Mo’ Nique responded with Sidney Hicks at her side. They both explained that having the conversation on social media was necessary because Shalon started it there and it might serve as an example for others.

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Despite saying she was going to let their mother-son relationship “play out,” Mo later released past text messages with Shalon.

Her intent with the texts seemed to be to show that she has shown interest and care in his life in recent years. Note that the texts are dated between 2020 and 2021.

He later responded to the leaked texts. Shalon said neither Mo’Nique nor Sidney should speak on mental health if they thought that idea was a “good” one.

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