Video: Man Threatens To Jump From Building After Search Warrant

VIDEO: NYC Man Threatens To Jump From Manhattan Skyscraper After FBI Search Warrant

A New York City man was filmed threatening to jump from a Manhattan skyscraper Wednesday while the FBI attempted to execute a search warrant.

Ian Mitchell, 35, could be seen hanging his legs from the 20th-floor after breaking a window inside an apartment a the 72-story CitySpire condo building, as people outside below watched and filmed.

Mitchell had been previously implicated in a scheme where he once posed as the scion of a wealthy Jamaican family back in 2015, however it wasn’t immediately clear if that was behind Wednesday’s FBI raid, according to the New York Post.

Viral Clip Shows NYC Man Dangling His Feet From Skyscraper Window As Police Attempt To Stop Him From Jumping

In the clip, which has since gone viral, police can be heard telling bystanders to get inside the building or move away from the scene. Mitchell allegedly barricaded the door with furniture to thwart authorities from coming in.

The NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit was on scene as of late Wednesday morning in an effort to speak with Mitchell. The Post reports he didn’t have any known weapons on him.

Mayor Eric Adams even stopped by the scene later in the afternoon, the Daily News reports.

A spokesman for the FBI refrained from getting into specifics, and would only confirm that “we are conducting a law enforcement operation pursuant to an ongoing investigation.”

Mitchell Previously Accused Of Defrauding Others For Personal Expenses

Authorities told the outlet back in 2019 that Mitchell had been passing himself off as an investment banker and as “Ian Matalon,” a relative of the wealthy Jamaican businessman Joseph Matalon.

In 2015, the Post reports Mitchell allegedly conned three victims – including an Air Force veteran – out of $33,000 for a liquor license at a hotel and bar on West 58th Street that Mitchell didn’t own nor have any connection too.

Prosecutors in Manhattan claim he kept that money for personal expenses.

The veteran, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Post that Mitchell stole $15,000 from him – the majority of his life savings.

The outlet reports Mitchell made most of his ill-gotten money from business Humberto Romero of Yellowstone Medical Management Inc., who was bilked out of over $158,000 in 2016.

Mitchell reportedly told Romero that he was in charge of a multimillion dollar hedge fund named INC Capital, and promised him huge returns if he invested in the fake company.

“Ian discussed many times when we were together that he had clients that invested in the millions,” Romero, 45, wrote in an affidavit. “He was very persuasive.”

Unclear If Or How Situation Was Resolved As Of Wednesday Afternoon

Mitchell allegedly went dark on Romero when the latter attempted to ask for his money back. He called the cops after a background check revealed Mitchell’s real name as well as confirmation that the judge fund never existed.

Authorities say he spent Romero’s money on student loans, credit cards, a car lease, and even gym fees.

Mitchell’s attorney, Todd Spodek, told the Post that “Mr. Mitchell has taken responsibility and has tried to make good on his financial commitments.”

As of Wednesday afternoon it was unclear if or how the situation was resolved.

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