Police Arrest Suspects Who Beat Driver & Shot At Car With Toddler Inside

(VIDEO) Police Arrest Suspects Who Assaulted Driver And Shot At Car With Two-Year-Old Inside

Texas police arrested a man and woman on Tuesday after a road rage incident that involved physical assault and gunfire. Officers booked Benjamin Greene and Nazly Ortiz into Harris County Jail as they await the outcome on assault charges.

According to ABC13, the shooting went down on Tuesday afternoon on the North Freeway near 1960. A man was driving northbound with his two-year-old in a silver car when a truck followed them as they exited, per Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

After both vehicles came to a stop, Benjamin climbed out of the truck, approached the other vehicle, and allegedly assaulted the driver. The driver reportedly attempted to leave the scene, but Nazly also climbed out of the truck with more heat for the victim.

A nearby driver began recording the incident. The video, which was heavily shared across social platforms, shows Nazly holding a handgun. As the victim peeled off and Benjamin tried holding on to the side of the car, Nazly raised the gun. She then fired one shot into the right, backseat window of the victim’s car.

But the shot did little to slow the victim. As he turned the corner, Nazly ran to the other side of the truck. The video shows Benjamin attempting to get her attention, even signaling her to get inside the truck. Instead, Nazly raised the gun again and fired another shot. Still gripping the gun, she let her arm drop to her side. At this point, Benjamin attempts to grab her at the waist. They both rush to grab items from the road, before running towards their truck to climb inside.

Victim Treated For Minor Wound—Suspects Face Assault Charges 

Nazly’s second shot struck a dealership on the corner where the victim turned. However, no one inside was hurt. Thankfully, the outcome was the same for both the man assaulted and the two-year-old in the car. The man did receive treatment for a graze bullet wound, but he’s “in good condition” per ABC13’s reporting.

Sheriff Gonzalez said Nazly faces an aggravated assault charge. Benjamin’s charge is just for assault.

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