(Video) Trae Da Truth Calls Out Robbers Who Held Woman At Gunpoint & Took Her Tax Refund

(Video) Trae Da Truth Calls Out Robbers Who Held Woman At Gunpoint & Took Her Tax Refund

Trae Da Truth loves speaking out for the Black community, especially when it comes to protecting Black women and kids. On Monday, the Houston native shared a video of a woman, 53-year-old Tonya, being held at gunpoint in broad daylight.

In the video, you can see Tonya approaching her home and looking back to see a man with a hoodie, running towards her with a gun asking for the money. As she throws her purse down to the ground, the two exchange words. The gunman repeatedly says, “Tanisha said you got the money.”  The unnamed woman said, “It’s in there. It’s in there,” referring to her purse that’s on the ground. The guy runs back to a car and gets in on the passenger side. The getaway car then drives away.


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Trae Da Truth took to Instagram and wrote, “Maan…This s**t ain’t Cool At All, Woman and Kids Dont Go…What if this was one of Our Momma or Grandmas…Real Ones can’t Cosign This…Yall Get Me Her Info….This Aint The Code At All…Yall Get Me To Her…”

According to KHOU 11, Tonya had just cashed her income tax check.

“$3,900 – I had just cashed my income tax check,” she told KHOU 11. The money was going to be used to take care of her son, who’s in a wheelchair. “He cried, I mean real hard. ‘Momma I’m sorry I couldn’t help you,'” Tonya’s son told her after the robbery. She also stated that the gunmen told her, “”And he jumped out the car on me with a gun, and he said b*&% I’ll blow your head off” as he approached her.

Tonya also added, “My life is more important because I could be away from my children, my grandchildren and, you know, my loved ones.”

Trae Da Truth eventually got a hold of Tonya, and he stated to KHOU 11 that he wanted to “let her know she is no longer alone. She has real ones that care,” The two took a picture together and it was posted to Instagram with her face blurred out.

Police are still looking for the suspects that attacked Tonya March 26th.


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