Will Smith Tests His Return To Social Media With Two Hilarious Videos

VIDEO: Will Smith Tests His Return To Social Media With Hilarious Monkey Video And Spider Encounter Video

Will Smith is ready to return to social media. Well, at least test the waters! And he showed his interest over the weekend by posting two videos to his verified Instagram account. The first one came on Saturday–and in the Will-style millions love, the post was pure comedy.

The clip featured a small monkey tapping a gorilla’s back facing the opposite direction. Mr. Gorilla swipes at the small taps before fully turning around and launching at the monkey, and the clip ends. But what likely drew over 50,000 comments on the post was the video text, “me trying to get back on social.”


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The overall vibe of the comment section was a warm welcome. It’s the first time fans have seen the jokey side of Will on social media since the infamous slap. At the  2022 Oscars, Will approached Chris Rock and slapped him in the face over a comparison joke between Jada Pinkett Smith and G.I. Jane. That same night he won an Oscar for Best Actor–a monumental career moment for the longtime actor. During his speech, Will spent some time apologizing for the emotional response. He recently issued a second public apology and explanation.


The next day, he posted another video to social media fooling with a spider he and his oldest son Trey found. That post received over 20,000 comments. It’s looking like Will is stepping outside the curtains!


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