(Video) Woman Alleges R. Kelly Sang To Her From The Same Prison As Her Incarcerated Father In Viral Video 

(Video) Woman Alleges R. Kelly Sang To Her From The Same Prison As Her Incarcerated Father In Viral Video 

Chile, R. Kelly isn’t letting his days behind bars stop him from putting on a show! Well, that’s the vibe a circulating video seems to be giving! In a 30-second clip, R. Kelly is allegedly fulfilling a song request from prison via telephone. The Shade Room spoke to the woman who requested the song and posted the video. Here’s the alleged details about how the out-of-the-blue moment came to be!

A Musical Request From R. Kelly

Jazzalyn posted the video about four days ago to her personal TikTok platform. The alleged 18-year-old did not give much specifics about the call at the time of posting. But, she did write “when your dad goes to the same prison as R. Kelly” in white font on the video. The video only shows moving angles of a woman believed to be Jazzalyn holding and talking into an iPhone. A phone call with the saved contact name ‘Brooklyn Federal Prison (Tommy Perez) is seen on the screen and heard on speaker phone.

The young woman confirmed to us that Tommy Perez is her father who is incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. The prison’s inmate locator confirmed the incarceration of someone by this name. This is reportedly the same prison authorities are keeping R. Kelly following his 2021 racketeering conviction in his infamous New York sex trafficking case.

“I wanted to ask you something, can you sing a song for me,” Jazzalyn asked the person assumed to be R. Kelly. He responded, “which one” and Jazzalyn replied “Love Letter.”

There’s a slight pause, before a stretching sound from the other line. Jazzalyn begins singing the song, then R. Kelly jumps in to finish carrying the tune. The person recording the video and Jazzalyn express their excitement with squeals and commentary.

Jazzalyn clarified to TSR that R. Kelly “didn’t do it for commissary at all” or any kind of financial compensation. She also reiterated this point on her Instagram Story, thus shutting down those circulating talks.


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Music For Everybody On Kelly 

And, this wasn’t the first time Jazzalyn had a chance to hear R. Kelly sanggg while behind bars. She told The Shade Room, she had a chance to see Kellz in person the same day as the phone call. Jazzalyn said she visited her father last week Friday at MDC Brooklyn. During the visit, R. Kelly also allegedly put his talent on display.

“Not only did I talk to him from the phone but, I got to see him in person! LOL and he sung out loud for everyone in the visitation room,” Jazzalyn told TSR.

We attempted to collect video of this moment for verification. However, Jazzalyn said the prison has a no phone policy while visiting inmates, which is a typical standard for prisons. Jazzalyn said she visited her father from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. local time and then received a call from him about an hour later at 8:34 p.m.

Per Jazzalyn, he called to make sure his daughter made it home safe and that’s when she told him she plans to “tell the whole world [she] met R. Kelly.” Her father asked if she wanted to speak to Kelly. Jazzalyn responded yes and in her words “took her opportunity” to put in a request. The 18-year-old told us Tommy and R. Kelly aren’t necessarily friends, but friendly.

“Him and my dad often talk from what he tells me, I would say they’re cool with each other but they’re not really friends lol. They just serving they time together,” Jazzalyn wrote.

By Wednesday morning, R. Kelly was trending on Twitter and Jazzalyn’s TikTok video had received more than 773,000 views.

Disclaimer: The Shade Room is reporting this story as told to us in written communication by the owner of the viral video and recognize its contents are alleged. At this time, we cannot confirm every detail provided to us. 

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