Black Teens Attacked In South Africa For Using 'Whites Only' Pool

Viral Video Shows Black Teens Being Attacked In South Africa For Swimming In Segregated Pool

The internet is heated over a troubling video showing two Black boys being assaulted while enjoying the amenities of a South African resort, though justice is already being carried out.

White Adults Cause A Frightening Altercation

The incident went down on Christmas Day at Maselspoort Resort & Conference Center, located near Bloemfontein in the country’s Free State province.

While two Black teens were enjoying the pool area, they were confronted by two grown men, who seemingly tried to kick them out.

A scuffle soon broke out. Others soon crowded around, though—rather than the matter being pacified—things only escalated. From attempted choking to pulling hair, shoving, and trying to hold one of the boys underwater, the unacceptable situation showed the boys being put through the wringer as they tried to defend themselves.

The video was uploaded to social media by the boys’ sister, who goes by @Tumii_Frost on Twitter. She also sure to note that the teens were “attacked by these grown men because they are apparently not allowed in the pool as it’s reserved for the ‘white people’ here.”

You can view a portion of the video down below.

The Public Demands Accountability

As the clip began to pick up major traction, Twitter users set out to hold the men responsible for attacking the Black teens. Notably, the matter even escalated to the point that various South African agencies caught wind of what went down.

According to Eyewitness News, a South African outlet, the country’s tourism agency lambasted the events in a statement.

“As a leader in the tourism sector, we do not support this kind of behaviour whether by establishments or patrons at a tourism or any other hospitality establishment. We call upon all tourism businesses and product owners to take decisive action and stance against such incidents.”

Three Arrests Have Been Made In The Case, And One Suspect Is Charged With Attempted Murder

Thankfully, the hand of justice came down swiftly, as three suspects were brought into custody by Dec. 28. While two were charged with common assault, one is being held on attempted murder charges.

The boys’ sister confirmed this information through a Twitter thread.

There are no further updates on the situation at this time.


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