Y’all, we have come across many trending stories on Twitter such as #HurtBae and #StrandedBae, but never have we seen anything like this!

A young woman named Rutendo Tichiwangani is now trending as #VisaBae after she made a heartfelt YouTube video and GoFundMe campaign about how her visa is about to expire in 1 month. In the video, she is pleading for everyone’s help to come up with €2,300 or else she has to leave the U.K.

“I have been in the UK for 12 years now and I still haven’t managed to get citizenship,” Rutendo writes per the GoFundMe page. “I have come to the end of my 6 years discretionary leave and to apply for my citizenship I have to pay £2,300.”

The burning question circulating in the internet is “Why couldn’t she manage to save up the money in those six years?” Well, Rutendo says that she lost her job and things have just been hard.

“Right now because of the situation I am in I haven’t managed to save any money, I lost my job, I am in debt and I can’t even get a job right now to work and save. This is because with my visa expiring in a month, no one will hire me temporarily,” says Rutendo.

Rutendo made her goal, but the kids are acting up on Twitter, y’all! Check out some of these reactions:

You guys can watch the full video below and if, by any chance, you would like to donate to this girl you can click here.





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