#Roommates, we’ve all wanted to know why #VivicaAFox still brings up #50Cent and their relationship after 14 years!? But she finally cleared the air and set the record straight on the #WendyWilliamsShow!
If you thought their romance was a flash in the pan, think again! Apparently the pair really loved one another and according to Vivica, 50 was ready to put a ring on it!
Vivica admitted that’s the reason why their relationship still “haunts her.” She also said she’s still very attracted to him and when it came down to their bedroom business, she was the one that usually initiated it! OOP!
You’ll have to catch all the tea on Wendy’s show but after you watch Viv spill, you’ll definitely see she genuninely loved (maybe even still loves) her some 50 Cent!
Source: @WendyWilliamsShow