Wale Reminds Joe Budden That He's Part Of The Famous Group Of People That Joe Claims He Hates

Wale Reminds Joe Budden That He’s Part Of The Famous Group Of People That Joe Claims He Hates

It’s no secret that Joe Budden and his mouth often gets him in trouble. You can almost count on him to say something that will offend a celeb or two. Most recently, Wale had to let homeboy know to chill, while reminding him that he’s just like the famous people he claim to hate.

On an upcoming episode of Joe Budden TV, he is seen talking to the D.C. rapper.  During their exchange, the podcast host says he hates famous people. That’s when the father of one, reminded Joe that he’s just like the people he’s referencing.

Joe stated:


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“Jesus, I hate famous people. I wake up early daily…” Wale interjects and asks, “Why do you hate famous people?”

Joe replies, “Y’all live in like this other dimension.” In such a calm manner with his shades on, Wale asked, “Why you keep saying y’all?” Joe answered “Cuz you’re famous.”

Finally, Wale proceeds with a series of questions that made Joe stop and think. 

“Ain’t you on a TV show? Don’t you got a podcast that’s one of the biggest podcasts in the world?  Aren’t you interviewing one of the best rappers of all time right now?” With a smirk on his face, Joe couldn’t help but answer, “Yes!” to all of the questions.

Then, Wale asks, “What does that make you?” The reality star says it makes him popular. Wale, disagrees and says, “Famous. Next question.”

Welp, sounds ‘bout right to me. I don’t know why Joe playing like that.

We gotta take a moment to appreciate Wale’s calm demeanor in that moment? He truly was not here for the games.


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